Glucometer Testing Strips of 100

Glucometer Testing Strips of 100


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Glucometer testing strips also know as blood glucose testing strips are the strips that have a circuit. which measures blood sugar level with the help of a glucometer

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Diabetic Testing Kit Offer

Get one box of Glucometer testing strips of 100 numbers, comes for OneTouch Verio flex glucometer.


Product Description


OneTouch Verio flex Test Strip are used for quantitative measurement of glucose in blood drawn from the fingertips. The one-touch select blood glucose monitoring system is intended to be used by a single patient and should not be shared


 It helps in testing the sugar levels in the blood at home without any hassle

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Automatically draws blood into the test strips in a painless manner
  • Fast, painless testing
  • It requires a very small blood sample - 1 μL
  • Provides quick and accurate results


Directions For Use:

  • Insert the strip to start and apply the blood
  • Reading will appear on the screen